Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial July 7, 2009 10am pacific time

I have to Memorialize Michael Jackson here because I am a huge fan. I watched his Memorial today and I cried for two hours. I cried for many reasons. Michael Jackson was a real person, with a real life, real friends and real family. A life departed on June 25, 2009. It belonged to a son, a brother, a father, a friend, a icon, a humanitarian; but most of all it was a life that belongs to God.

50 years is what God gave Michael and it was enough; maybe those who miss him will say it was too soon; I am sure we all will share that sentiment at points in our own lives; however, God knows best; God gave this man to the world for 45 years and to his family for 50. God wanted to have his son back with him.

Alot of people had awesome things to share about this Man, a gentle soul,a legend, a icon. It help you to see Michael Jackson as a human being; he was more than we all know or could imagine. I am just blessed to know that; in my time there was a soul on earth that the world stood still for.

Each generation has had pivotal moments and suffered the lost of a very iconic individual to their era.

There was the era of Martin Luther King, Elvis Presely, John F. Kennedy, Tupac Shakur and now Michael Jackson. All of the mention were far different from each other and have fans with different taste and view points; but each of these individuals is what makes our country so great. There is always an answer, a truth; lying in the hearts of men that can bring a people together; eachof these people mention led different lives but thats what makes our country so great. These lives represent a generation, a hope, a freedom, a right,a revolution,a justice,a talent and all of them represent a gift and the sovereignty of God.

Only God could give the world such brillance in a variety of ways packaged to touch the lives of those who at that time, i that era, from that generation, who would understand.

All of the mention were criticized, scrutinized, led public lives, gavetheir lives to the world, use their talents to enlightened the human race; we lost them all; each generation can look back and say I remember the day and it was a day of heartbreak and a day of honor.

The beauty of Michael Jackson is that he reached everybody throughout all the land; he used his gift for God's purpose; he did more for people than we will ever hear about. Sadly, our world is more mesmorized with the negativity one's life accumalates rather than the good one's life dispenses.

I am just a fan, however, I am a woman with dicernment in her heart and I say that Michael Jackson is a soul that has been received into heaven. I believe this, I pra this and I accept this.

He is one who not only touched one generation or one era, he touched many and will continue too; he touched not only his black race, but all races, he touched not only Americans but cultures and nations worldwide. I believe that if there are indeed aliens on another planet; they've been moonwalking for over 40 years too.

Michael Joseph Jackson will be missed and forever embedded into our hearts and flooding our memories until the earth is no longer.

I love you Michael Jackson


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