Friday, July 31, 2009


Divahype is having a Red Tag sales event on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. This event will featured Vendors who will offer the public exclusive sales on many of their products. These sales are exclusive for one day only.

We have Boutiques, Natural products, jewelry, hanbags, children products, handmade and so much more.

All those participating in the event will have a small banner located on the main page underneath the RED TAG SALE SIGN. Click on their banners for there sales.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Picture says a Million Words

why live Barefoot?
Make a Difference!
There are so many wonderful reasons to become a Barefoot Books Ambassador and live Barefoot. You’ll be opening up a world of imagination and creativity for every child whose life you touch. You’ll experience the pride of owning your own business, of making money for yourself or for the causes that are important to you. You’ll also have opportunities for personal growth, to take risks, and learn something new. Most of all, you’ll be part of an amazing community of people who are making a difference in the world.

Become an AnBassador with BareFoot

As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to share our beautiful books and gifts with your neighbors, friends and others in your community. You can work the schedule that’s right for you and live Barefoot the way that suits you best:

Start a home-based business
Earn commissions from 20-40% of retail value, plus loyalty points.

Market Barefoot Books online

Promote Barefoot through websites, blogs or social networks and earn 20-40%.

Create fundraising opportunities
Earn 50% and free shipping on all orders over $500.

Best of all, we supply all the resources, tools, and community support you need to be a success. Interested? It’s free to join, so sign up now
Create your own branded web presence, hosted on our site. Take advantage of valuable on-demand training materials and resources, including one-on-one instruction from experienced Ambassadors. Best of all, enjoy the flexibility to set up your business the way that makes most sense for you:


Sell one-to-one through parties or at local school events.
Set up booths at local community gatherings such as farmer’s markets.
Draw on our global network of experienced sellers and receive full training and support.


Promote Barefoot products via e-mail or online through websites, e-shops, blogs, social networking profiles, and more.
Drive people to your website by adding Barefoot banners and buttons to your blog, to websites you establish relationships with, and to your e-mail.
Place text and graphic links that carry your information through to us, so you can get credit for sales.
Receive detailed reporting on customer sales and have access to your own personal Barefoot Books web office.


Support your school, charity or other organization – while you earn money yourself.
Extend your fundraising efforts beyond your own community by marketing Barefoot Books on your website, blog or e-newsletters.
Receive individualized, dedicated support whether you fundraise once a year or year-round.
Benefit from creative ideas for maximizing your fundraising efforts.
Connect with other fundraising organizations who appreciate our products and values.

No matter how you choose to work with us, you’ll receive competitive compensation and rewards based on your sales history.

Bring in commissions with your very first order
Earn 20-40% of the retail value of your sales
Collect loyalty points in addition to your commission.
Receive a 50% discount on fundraising and stock orders totaling over $500.
Win rewards and prizes, including original art, great gifts and even Barefoot journeys to far-away places
Take advantage of seasonal sales and monthly special offers with attractive discounts
Obtain exclusive access to Ambassador areas of our community forums
Get sneak peeks of manuscripts and artwork for new Barefoot Books and the chance to offer your feedback and ideas in our product development process
Earn bonuses for spreading the word about Barefoot Books and the Ambassador opportunity

(POEM) Love

Love where have you been
I looked for you the other day

I called your number
you didnt answer

I came by the house
you weren't there

Where have you been
My friends told me
they bumped into you

You flirted with them
then disappeared

I'm sitting here
wondering, whats up
with you

Why do you vanish
then reappear

Why must I even care
what you do anyway

I heard you found another

man that was quick

So, I guess I was just
a hit and miss

I thought you were Love
don't you supose to care
don't you supose to caress me
when Im lonely

I mean what happen
to Love
was it phony

Was it just temporary
will you come back

will I feel you
inside me again

How long will we be apart

Maybe I'll find you
when Im not looking

maybe in the winter
you'll come again

Thats when I'll be
the most appealing

I'll have all you need
Comfort and a friend


Diiva Hype is having Red Tag Tuesdays starting August 4, 2009. I am excited; I have a great bunch of Ladies on my ning network. I love them all; they inspire me whether they know it or not.The more they strive the more I press. You never know what God will send your way to push you. I am Grateful to them for supporting me. I try my best to make the network one that supports them and their businesses.

Red Tag Tuesday is a Sales Event that will be held on Tuesdays only. Exclusive deals and freebies will be given to customers; I invite you to stop by and support our Vendors. The more we support eachother; the better we will be in Success.

Believe or not we do need eachother to be successful; if we didnt God would have just made you or me to be the only person walking the earth. Lol. Thats real talk.

Stop by DivaHype and shop with our Vendors; if you want to participate you must be a member.

Nothing But The Rent

I have been working so hard lately, that I rarely sleep. I didnt go to bed last night because I have these new projects Im working on. First, I join Barefoot Books and I am trying to figure how to promote that; so far its going great. I have been working on my Ning Site. I want to support the women there. My Boutique is going through an overhaul, I have been working at the church. Not complaining about that at all. God knows his business comes first.

I am trying faithfully to build tthis legacy and when you are building Legacy you must elevate; so I have stepped my game up. I am developing new marketing plans and I am working on this Businesspreneur workshop for women so nothing has been going on much here but the Rent. I must say I love it all; I was born for this. I belive in Success and good Success comes from helping others.