Monday, September 21, 2009

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday
Every feel like your chasing the wind; you know its there but you cant see it; with the wind its not about what you can see but what you can feel. It is what comes from our heart that motivates and drives us towards our destiny. Just because you may not see it now; doesnt mean its not there, doesnt mean its not real or obtainable. Just like the wind you feel it. The feeling is what makes your dreams real and the courage to continue to chase after it even though you cant see it; is what makes it obtainable.

Keep chasing the wind; keep feeling it; the more you feel the more you desire and the more you desire the more you make moves towards the wind.

Whatever your wind is metaphorically speaking; DONT GIVE UP, ITS COMING AND IT'S THERE.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

During my Surgery

Im sitting here in pain and it is very difficult to type right now but I must confess how powerful God is. On Tuesday September 15, 2009 I had a tumor removed; I was diagnosed a few months ago with Dermofibrosarcoma Protuberans commonly referred to as DSFP; its a rare Cancer that comes in the Muscle and Bones. Well, on Tuesday I stayed in the OR for 8 hours; I went through 3 surgeries within that time to remove the Tumor' in order to remove it good tissue surrounding had to be removed to; each time I went under the knife; each piece was sent to the Lab to determine if all the Cancer was removed; well it took three tries to remove the Cancer and on the Third try, the lab report showed no more Cancer Tissue.

While I was in that OR, all I could manage to think about was God; I talked to God; I didnt say much but I recall saying God I need your help to get through this; this is painful, give me strength; I remember this because at one point I FELT MYSELF BEING CUT ON. I also remember lifting my hand up in reverance to God; all I could do to keep from screaming was just think of him; say the name of Jesus, i had nothing particular to say i was in so much pain but i know that God knew what exactly eachword i did utter meant and after the third time the doctor came in to cut me; i said Lord please let that be it, no more, I cant no more.

And God answered my prayer because the Doctors returned and this time it was too close me up with stitches; I layed there as the Doctor put three layers of stitches in me and all I could do is Thank God for giving me that moment of peace; I was in pain but I knew that God knew that it was all I could bear.

God said that he would not put on us more than we can bear; I love God,we must remember that every experience in life is not to break us but to strengthen us; God is always our present help and if you cant managed to say much just call his name he will know the rest; he knows; he's there and he loves us all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Silver Cloud(journey before surgery/today's reflections on Cancer)

Silver clouds embrace my daytime thoughts
constant horns blowing in my head
reminders of what to do, what not to do

If I embrace what reality speaks'
does that mean I have given up
friends have misperceptions
as if Im not supose to not feel well

Alien has taken over my body
trying to live here for good
but Im not having it

Doctor says its this and its that
God says I got that and that

Who do I believe????
Should I listen to the crowd
Should I hide away until its over
should I reveal that sometimes the pain
is too much

What would you do?
If silver clouds sat on your good thoughts
and drench them with smog

Clueless; weather man says skies are clear
but my thoughts arent
at least not today

But I'll be back tomorrow
and maybe me an this foreigner living
in my body will be friends by then

or maybe we will be at war again

What do you believe?

Reflections on Cancer, Surgery and God.

Well next Tuesday is Surgery. I have to be at the Cancer specialist Center at 7:30 for surgery. Arghhhhhhhhhhh! I am really trying hard to stay calm about this; I have already prayed about and there is no need to keep praying about it because God heard me the first time and I know he answer prayers and I do believe that whatever his wil; it will be done and its perfect. I must admit; I do have my thoughts and I have prepared my Mom for whatever happens; she thinks Im insane, but I rather be in order than out of order. Life is such an unstoppable blessing that has many twist and turns at every scene; I never imagine I would be right in the position I am in. My mom always said "If you live long enough, you will go through somethings". She was so right; but I know that God says that he will not put more on me than I can bear; so this must be something that I can bear. I realize you have to go through to come out on the otherside; so I am willing to go through to come out. So, I will keep you updated. I am going to post my reflections everyday up until Tuesday. I feel like writing, maybe some poetry, maybe some inspirattional, but I want to immortalize my feelings in memory of my encounter with DFSP(rare Cancer)because when I leave the hospital I am leaving Cancer free, Amen to that.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thats My Baby Girl...ahhhh she was a true Diva at the Senior Prom


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A new thing

I am going to start featuring Members of Diva Business Network on my Blog; those who are having specials, giveaways and such.

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Absolutely Crazy!!!

Okay things in my world have been absolutely crazy! I fee like I have been doing too much; but I cant stop because I love everything I do; but where does the time go. Not enough time in the day. I now have the Blog talk radio show; which you all must checkout; its great! I did a show last night about What is Guerilla Marketing...there is so much information on these; that I am continuing with this show on Thursday; so there will definitely be a Part 2 to the Guerilla Marketing Show. I think I will write a piece on Guerilla Marketing too; give everyone some greaqt tips.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Its that time a week again, YAY, our second week of Red Tag Tuesday on Diva Business Hype aka DivaHype. I am excited because last week was a big hit and I am hoping this week will be too. Red Tag Tuesday is a sales event where Vendors choose to host specials for our guest all day and these can be found on their profiles; all the great details.

Stop by and see what the hype is about

No Surgery!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I didnt have surgery Friday; it was cancelled until next month. Rats Bats! I am ready to get this over with. It has now begun to get on my nerve; having a tumor growing on my back. Rats Bats!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Divahype is having a Red Tag sales event on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. This event will featured Vendors who will offer the public exclusive sales on many of their products. These sales are exclusive for one day only.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Picture says a Million Words

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(POEM) Love

Love where have you been
I looked for you the other day

I called your number
you didnt answer

I came by the house
you weren't there

Where have you been
My friends told me
they bumped into you

You flirted with them
then disappeared

I'm sitting here
wondering, whats up
with you

Why do you vanish
then reappear

Why must I even care
what you do anyway

I heard you found another

man that was quick

So, I guess I was just
a hit and miss

I thought you were Love
don't you supose to care
don't you supose to caress me
when Im lonely

I mean what happen
to Love
was it phony

Was it just temporary
will you come back

will I feel you
inside me again

How long will we be apart

Maybe I'll find you
when Im not looking

maybe in the winter
you'll come again

Thats when I'll be
the most appealing

I'll have all you need
Comfort and a friend


Diiva Hype is having Red Tag Tuesdays starting August 4, 2009. I am excited; I have a great bunch of Ladies on my ning network. I love them all; they inspire me whether they know it or not.The more they strive the more I press. You never know what God will send your way to push you. I am Grateful to them for supporting me. I try my best to make the network one that supports them and their businesses.

Red Tag Tuesday is a Sales Event that will be held on Tuesdays only. Exclusive deals and freebies will be given to customers; I invite you to stop by and support our Vendors. The more we support eachother; the better we will be in Success.

Believe or not we do need eachother to be successful; if we didnt God would have just made you or me to be the only person walking the earth. Lol. Thats real talk.

Stop by DivaHype and shop with our Vendors; if you want to participate you must be a member.

Nothing But The Rent

I have been working so hard lately, that I rarely sleep. I didnt go to bed last night because I have these new projects Im working on. First, I join Barefoot Books and I am trying to figure how to promote that; so far its going great. I have been working on my Ning Site. I want to support the women there. My Boutique is going through an overhaul, I have been working at the church. Not complaining about that at all. God knows his business comes first.

I am trying faithfully to build tthis legacy and when you are building Legacy you must elevate; so I have stepped my game up. I am developing new marketing plans and I am working on this Businesspreneur workshop for women so nothing has been going on much here but the Rent. I must say I love it all; I was born for this. I belive in Success and good Success comes from helping others.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

God's Business

Today, I am not feeling my best. I just feel tired and a little agitated. My mind is on aklot of things; however, I will always put myself and my feelings aside for God and his work. I went out with my church to evagelise tonight. We knocked on doors and handed out flyers inviting people to come to our church for Vacation bible School. Even though, I did not feel well...I went anyway because I volunteered too and I knoow that o matter how I am feeling someone is feeling worst and thething about how they are feeling is that they dont know God on a personal level and without God things are alot worse.

So, I knocked on doors, climbed a few steps, showed the community some agape and came back home. Its amazing how God operates because I asked him for strength to do his will today and he gave it to me....I actually felt pretty good. The heat in Atlanta was ridiculous as usual.

I must say that I love the Lord and without his presence in my life I would be empty; especially at this time in my life; but Good restores my strength daily and I have peace because of God.

My Pastor always says that if you get busy being about God's work; what you were chasing will start chasing you. So, I tell you that I am always chasing after God and I have been stubborn; lets keep it real,but the more I love on God the clearer my vision become.

So today, I was about God's business first; I cant worry about not feeling well, God is my healer and I am his servant. So today sick and all I served the Lord.

After the Biopsy

Okay, I go back to the Hospital for my result follow up and find out that I have a Tumor and its Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans. Okay, the Doctor says "Thats a fancy word for you have a Tumor, we dont know how this particular Tumor develops but it can be removed; however there is a high recurreence rate, dont be alarmed because it can be removed".

Ok, I was happy to know that it can be removed; but I was puzzled that my Doctor told me not to get upset about everything I read about this. Im like Okay, then she says, we were hoping it wasnt breast cancer so we are relieved for you that its not. She then told me not to worry, I told her that God was too good for that.

Now,I am like tell me about this and she really could not say much other than its a rare tumor that grows in the fat, tenons and muscles of the body; it often comes back; there is a special surgery for it; because once its removed they have to make sure it doesnt come back again.

So, I am still lost because she cant tell me much; but I know Doctors dont know everything and God has all control; regardless.

So, now I know that I have a rare cancerous Tumor that is commonly referred to as DFSP; Doctors are lost about it; but there is a special surgery for it.

Now, I just pray that onceits removed, it doesnt recur;; I was told I may have to have the surgery repeated in the same day; so Im praying on that; I was also told that these things get huge; so I am thankful that I found out what it was and that the First Doctor who suggested just cutting off; had a boss who had more experience; who suggested the biopsy first. I praise God for that; because it requires a different type of surgery.

Well, I have done some research and the research is exactly what the Doctor advised me; also after the Tumor is removed...I have to go back and forth tto the Doctor every 6 months for the next 3 years to make certain it hasnt come back.

I dont know everything about this yet, neither do the Doctors but I wanted to inform my readers and friends; so you are aware and pay close attention to things we often shrug off. Another point from this is always ask for a second opinion and if your Doctor suggest something you are not comfortable with always speak up.

I thank God, that he intervene because as I thought about it; I was getting ready to tell the Doctor to do the Biopsy first; but the Attending Doctor told the Resident to go ahead with the test first. If she would have had this tumor cut off first; this would have presented another problem.

Clink on the links to find out more about DFSP.

Thanks to everybody for their prayers and comments; I am a God Fearing Christian Woman and no matter what I face I know that my God is always in control. I cant worry about what I can not change; if I could change it; there would be no reason for FAITH. I have FAITH that things will workout; the test is for the testimony.

Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) is a rare neoplasm of the dermis layer of the skin,[1] and is classified as a sarcoma. In many respects, the disease behaves as a benign tumor, but in 2-5% of cases it can metastasize, so it should be considered to have malignant potential.

Treatment is primarily surgical, with chemotherapy and radiation therapy sometimes being used.

MOHS surgery can be extremely effective. It will remove the tumor and all related pathological cells without a wide-area excision that may overlook sarcoma cells that have penetrated muscle tissue.

Checkout these links for information on DFSP

Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Awareness (A Rare Cancer)

I am posting this here and on my blog for your awareness; you may read more about it on my blog; along with my journey through this. I decided to blog about it because it is a rare cancer that most people are not aware of and the Doctors have not discovered where or why it forms.

Okay, I have done some research on this and majority of my resource comes from and other sources. Again, this thing is so rare that there is really no information about it; however, if you know what to look for then you wont shrugged it off as many have. Most people who have had this occur thought it occurred over night; truth is it didnt. The Tumor is a slow growing tumor and in an instant can become more noticable as the size increases; however, it may have always been there as a small pimple like bump on your body.

Sometimes we see markings are blemishes on our body and shrug it off because we know we sometimes end up with things on our bodies that we have no idea how it got there; I know I do. If it doesnt hurt; hasnt cause any physical problems we dont notice it or concern ourselves with it. Well, from my research and personal conclusion; most people with DFSP never knew that this was there until it grew in size. I have even read in one case from a blogger who had it; that when she went tto the Dermatoligist about it; her Doctor said it was nothing, harmless and they would remove it.
She had the sense to ask for an biopsy first and turns ot she had DFSP; which requires a special type of surgerey to remove it because it has a high recurrence rate.

In my own experience; I went to see my medical Doctor who was dumbfounded as to what it was that she literally said"it looks like a mushroom growing on your back". Right a mushroom...okay, then she said "its the size of a golfball on your back" First it was the size of a mushroom, then a golfball. Then she ask me why it was so shiny.

At this point, I told her you tell me ; you're the Physician. I mean really. She had no tack at all. She gave me a referral to dermatology; who when I arrived there, the Doctor was friendly and amazed at this thing on my back. She could not say what it was, but told me that instead of going through the trouble of doing a biopsy that she would set an appointment to have it taken off because thats what I wanted right.

She left out and my mother was there so I told her, I am going to tell her when she comes back I want a biopsy first because I think there is more to this, So, I prayed about it and when she came back; I didnt get a chance to ask for a biopsy because her boss came in and told her that Oh, no we must biopsy this today.

Then, they conulted with me on possibilities of what it might be; the Attending Physician was concern because it was warm to the touch and the size of it which measures at 4 centimeters.

So, I had a biopsy; they cut the growth open and took pieces of it; I had an appointmen t to go back in two weeks for the results.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check out this Video about eating Pork

I gave up eating pork years ago buut I found this interesting to post. I know what the word of God says about Pork and I have heard my Pastor and others speak abouy ship.

I hate to give up Shrimp, I really have to pray on this one.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial July 7, 2009 10am pacific time

I have to Memorialize Michael Jackson here because I am a huge fan. I watched his Memorial today and I cried for two hours. I cried for many reasons. Michael Jackson was a real person, with a real life, real friends and real family. A life departed on June 25, 2009. It belonged to a son, a brother, a father, a friend, a icon, a humanitarian; but most of all it was a life that belongs to God.

50 years is what God gave Michael and it was enough; maybe those who miss him will say it was too soon; I am sure we all will share that sentiment at points in our own lives; however, God knows best; God gave this man to the world for 45 years and to his family for 50. God wanted to have his son back with him.

Alot of people had awesome things to share about this Man, a gentle soul,a legend, a icon. It help you to see Michael Jackson as a human being; he was more than we all know or could imagine. I am just blessed to know that; in my time there was a soul on earth that the world stood still for.

Each generation has had pivotal moments and suffered the lost of a very iconic individual to their era.

There was the era of Martin Luther King, Elvis Presely, John F. Kennedy, Tupac Shakur and now Michael Jackson. All of the mention were far different from each other and have fans with different taste and view points; but each of these individuals is what makes our country so great. There is always an answer, a truth; lying in the hearts of men that can bring a people together; eachof these people mention led different lives but thats what makes our country so great. These lives represent a generation, a hope, a freedom, a right,a revolution,a justice,a talent and all of them represent a gift and the sovereignty of God.

Only God could give the world such brillance in a variety of ways packaged to touch the lives of those who at that time, i that era, from that generation, who would understand.

All of the mention were criticized, scrutinized, led public lives, gavetheir lives to the world, use their talents to enlightened the human race; we lost them all; each generation can look back and say I remember the day and it was a day of heartbreak and a day of honor.

The beauty of Michael Jackson is that he reached everybody throughout all the land; he used his gift for God's purpose; he did more for people than we will ever hear about. Sadly, our world is more mesmorized with the negativity one's life accumalates rather than the good one's life dispenses.

I am just a fan, however, I am a woman with dicernment in her heart and I say that Michael Jackson is a soul that has been received into heaven. I believe this, I pra this and I accept this.

He is one who not only touched one generation or one era, he touched many and will continue too; he touched not only his black race, but all races, he touched not only Americans but cultures and nations worldwide. I believe that if there are indeed aliens on another planet; they've been moonwalking for over 40 years too.

Michael Joseph Jackson will be missed and forever embedded into our hearts and flooding our memories until the earth is no longer.

I love you Michael Jackson


Sunday, June 28, 2009


Life is funny sometimes
sometimes bright
sometimes its cloudy
life is funny that way

Life is like a summer breeze
warm with the perfect cool
Life is funny that way


I cant help but I am really saddened that this man is dead; I loved Michael Jackson and I truly believe that people had it wrong about him. I apologize for anything bad I may have ever said or teased about this man. I just think he was different for alot of reasons but we are peculiar in away. I am hurt; life is meant to end so there is no question of why; its just this human being went through so much abuse and now its over so he can rest now and we will miss him. I cant help but cry when I think about him. Never knew I would be affected by his death; not like this but I grew up listening and watching this man. I always thought he had to be in so much pain living amongst people who mock you for being different but want so much of what you have. I dont know, I am just still in shock and like sad as hell yall. This hurts, its like losing a family member. I pray for his salvation and that his soul is saved and that he has peace now.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 29...I will

Starting Monday June 29, 2009 I will start to eat differently and I will began to excercise; maybe I will start with walking; walking is always good. I will walk from my house top the park or walk around the track at the gym. I dont know what I will eat; I usually do great with low carb. But I will start a healthier lifestyle; Im getting older and I have to live better as it relates to what I put in my body; if I can stop smoking. I can stop eating unhealthy; by the grace of God.

Actually, I have been thinking of this and was inspired by one of the members on my social networking site. She's a great girl and she is starting a new chapter in her life and she encouraged me to do so as well; thanks Debbi.

Sometimes I wonder

Yesterday, I had a pretty good day. I went on a job interview. I need the extra income right now; I have so much I need to do to take my Boutique where I want to take it. I went to a job for a teaching position. Funny thing is when I was asked what I made at my last position; the interviewqers eyes got big as if to say...I am not paying you that. Iknew before I got out of the car that there would probably be a discrepancy with pay....but I will not give up. The interview was fun because I havent interviewed for a Teacher position in Four years and I am usually the one doing the interviewing.

Friday, June 26, 2009


R.I.P. 6/25/09

Michael Jackson

Wow, I really hate that this is the first entry into my new blog; but I have to write sadly about the death of Michael Jackson on yesterday 6/25/09 at the age of 50. This man had alot of controversary surronding hhis name but we have to realize that he was a human being and only God can judge him. Its hard in life to judge a situation especially when its one persons word against another. Thats why God says that he is the Judge. I just want to pay respect to this man for what he brought the entertainment industry; he gave us all something to remember, aspire too and of course talk about. As Michael J said bets it doesnt matter if you're black or white. We all love Michael and we can remember something that makes us smile about him; whether its a performance, the Michael Jackson doll you had, the glove you sowed or the jacket you were in Junior High.

Michael Jackson is a pop icon, a legend; he was misunderstood majority of his life but when he hit that stage or layed a track we all was in his world and loving iit. There is a family sad today, mourning the lost of a brother, a son, a father, a friend. We have to at least stop and ask God to heal this family; pray that the media and critics are not harsh and let the dead rest.

We all have a day to die and it should be a peaceful day of rest; we never know what lies ahead for a person after death; so lets remember Michael as we best can.