Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Wow, I really hate that this is the first entry into my new blog; but I have to write sadly about the death of Michael Jackson on yesterday 6/25/09 at the age of 50. This man had alot of controversary surronding hhis name but we have to realize that he was a human being and only God can judge him. Its hard in life to judge a situation especially when its one persons word against another. Thats why God says that he is the Judge. I just want to pay respect to this man for what he brought the entertainment industry; he gave us all something to remember, aspire too and of course talk about. As Michael J said bets it doesnt matter if you're black or white. We all love Michael and we can remember something that makes us smile about him; whether its a performance, the Michael Jackson doll you had, the glove you sowed or the jacket you were in Junior High.

Michael Jackson is a pop icon, a legend; he was misunderstood majority of his life but when he hit that stage or layed a track we all was in his world and loving iit. There is a family sad today, mourning the lost of a brother, a son, a father, a friend. We have to at least stop and ask God to heal this family; pray that the media and critics are not harsh and let the dead rest.

We all have a day to die and it should be a peaceful day of rest; we never know what lies ahead for a person after death; so lets remember Michael as we best can.


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