Sunday, June 28, 2009


I cant help but I am really saddened that this man is dead; I loved Michael Jackson and I truly believe that people had it wrong about him. I apologize for anything bad I may have ever said or teased about this man. I just think he was different for alot of reasons but we are peculiar in away. I am hurt; life is meant to end so there is no question of why; its just this human being went through so much abuse and now its over so he can rest now and we will miss him. I cant help but cry when I think about him. Never knew I would be affected by his death; not like this but I grew up listening and watching this man. I always thought he had to be in so much pain living amongst people who mock you for being different but want so much of what you have. I dont know, I am just still in shock and like sad as hell yall. This hurts, its like losing a family member. I pray for his salvation and that his soul is saved and that he has peace now.

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