Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reflections on Cancer, Surgery and God.

Well next Tuesday is Surgery. I have to be at the Cancer specialist Center at 7:30 for surgery. Arghhhhhhhhhhh! I am really trying hard to stay calm about this; I have already prayed about and there is no need to keep praying about it because God heard me the first time and I know he answer prayers and I do believe that whatever his wil; it will be done and its perfect. I must admit; I do have my thoughts and I have prepared my Mom for whatever happens; she thinks Im insane, but I rather be in order than out of order. Life is such an unstoppable blessing that has many twist and turns at every scene; I never imagine I would be right in the position I am in. My mom always said "If you live long enough, you will go through somethings". She was so right; but I know that God says that he will not put more on me than I can bear; so this must be something that I can bear. I realize you have to go through to come out on the otherside; so I am willing to go through to come out. So, I will keep you updated. I am going to post my reflections everyday up until Tuesday. I feel like writing, maybe some poetry, maybe some inspirattional, but I want to immortalize my feelings in memory of my encounter with DFSP(rare Cancer)because when I leave the hospital I am leaving Cancer free, Amen to that.

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