Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Diiva Hype is having Red Tag Tuesdays starting August 4, 2009. I am excited; I have a great bunch of Ladies on my ning network. I love them all; they inspire me whether they know it or not.The more they strive the more I press. You never know what God will send your way to push you. I am Grateful to them for supporting me. I try my best to make the network one that supports them and their businesses.

Red Tag Tuesday is a Sales Event that will be held on Tuesdays only. Exclusive deals and freebies will be given to customers; I invite you to stop by and support our Vendors. The more we support eachother; the better we will be in Success.

Believe or not we do need eachother to be successful; if we didnt God would have just made you or me to be the only person walking the earth. Lol. Thats real talk.

Stop by DivaHype and shop with our Vendors; if you want to participate you must be a member.

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