Wednesday, July 29, 2009

(POEM) Love

Love where have you been
I looked for you the other day

I called your number
you didnt answer

I came by the house
you weren't there

Where have you been
My friends told me
they bumped into you

You flirted with them
then disappeared

I'm sitting here
wondering, whats up
with you

Why do you vanish
then reappear

Why must I even care
what you do anyway

I heard you found another

man that was quick

So, I guess I was just
a hit and miss

I thought you were Love
don't you supose to care
don't you supose to caress me
when Im lonely

I mean what happen
to Love
was it phony

Was it just temporary
will you come back

will I feel you
inside me again

How long will we be apart

Maybe I'll find you
when Im not looking

maybe in the winter
you'll come again

Thats when I'll be
the most appealing

I'll have all you need
Comfort and a friend

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