Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nothing But The Rent

I have been working so hard lately, that I rarely sleep. I didnt go to bed last night because I have these new projects Im working on. First, I join Barefoot Books and I am trying to figure how to promote that; so far its going great. I have been working on my Ning Site. I want to support the women there. My Boutique is going through an overhaul, I have been working at the church. Not complaining about that at all. God knows his business comes first.

I am trying faithfully to build tthis legacy and when you are building Legacy you must elevate; so I have stepped my game up. I am developing new marketing plans and I am working on this Businesspreneur workshop for women so nothing has been going on much here but the Rent. I must say I love it all; I was born for this. I belive in Success and good Success comes from helping others.

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