Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Awareness (A Rare Cancer)

I am posting this here and on my blog for your awareness; you may read more about it on my blog; along with my journey through this. I decided to blog about it because it is a rare cancer that most people are not aware of and the Doctors have not discovered where or why it forms.

Okay, I have done some research on this and majority of my resource comes from and other sources. Again, this thing is so rare that there is really no information about it; however, if you know what to look for then you wont shrugged it off as many have. Most people who have had this occur thought it occurred over night; truth is it didnt. The Tumor is a slow growing tumor and in an instant can become more noticable as the size increases; however, it may have always been there as a small pimple like bump on your body.

Sometimes we see markings are blemishes on our body and shrug it off because we know we sometimes end up with things on our bodies that we have no idea how it got there; I know I do. If it doesnt hurt; hasnt cause any physical problems we dont notice it or concern ourselves with it. Well, from my research and personal conclusion; most people with DFSP never knew that this was there until it grew in size. I have even read in one case from a blogger who had it; that when she went tto the Dermatoligist about it; her Doctor said it was nothing, harmless and they would remove it.
She had the sense to ask for an biopsy first and turns ot she had DFSP; which requires a special type of surgerey to remove it because it has a high recurrence rate.

In my own experience; I went to see my medical Doctor who was dumbfounded as to what it was that she literally said"it looks like a mushroom growing on your back". Right a mushroom...okay, then she said "its the size of a golfball on your back" First it was the size of a mushroom, then a golfball. Then she ask me why it was so shiny.

At this point, I told her you tell me ; you're the Physician. I mean really. She had no tack at all. She gave me a referral to dermatology; who when I arrived there, the Doctor was friendly and amazed at this thing on my back. She could not say what it was, but told me that instead of going through the trouble of doing a biopsy that she would set an appointment to have it taken off because thats what I wanted right.

She left out and my mother was there so I told her, I am going to tell her when she comes back I want a biopsy first because I think there is more to this, So, I prayed about it and when she came back; I didnt get a chance to ask for a biopsy because her boss came in and told her that Oh, no we must biopsy this today.

Then, they conulted with me on possibilities of what it might be; the Attending Physician was concern because it was warm to the touch and the size of it which measures at 4 centimeters.

So, I had a biopsy; they cut the growth open and took pieces of it; I had an appointmen t to go back in two weeks for the results.

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