Thursday, July 16, 2009

God's Business

Today, I am not feeling my best. I just feel tired and a little agitated. My mind is on aklot of things; however, I will always put myself and my feelings aside for God and his work. I went out with my church to evagelise tonight. We knocked on doors and handed out flyers inviting people to come to our church for Vacation bible School. Even though, I did not feel well...I went anyway because I volunteered too and I knoow that o matter how I am feeling someone is feeling worst and thething about how they are feeling is that they dont know God on a personal level and without God things are alot worse.

So, I knocked on doors, climbed a few steps, showed the community some agape and came back home. Its amazing how God operates because I asked him for strength to do his will today and he gave it to me....I actually felt pretty good. The heat in Atlanta was ridiculous as usual.

I must say that I love the Lord and without his presence in my life I would be empty; especially at this time in my life; but Good restores my strength daily and I have peace because of God.

My Pastor always says that if you get busy being about God's work; what you were chasing will start chasing you. So, I tell you that I am always chasing after God and I have been stubborn; lets keep it real,but the more I love on God the clearer my vision become.

So today, I was about God's business first; I cant worry about not feeling well, God is my healer and I am his servant. So today sick and all I served the Lord.

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